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Brethren can I just remind you please let the RWM, the Brother Secretary or myself  know of any Brother who is indisposed so we can get in touch with them.

21st December 2020

RWM and Brethren I'm pleased to report that our Lodge Widows have all received their Christmas cards and cheques, they also received a Christmas box, groceries and a Falkirk Football Club Calendar, I was able to arrange this through Falkirk Football Club Trust who give out parcels to the Community, according to feedback I have from some of our widows they are delighted and thank everyone at the Lodge for remembering them at this special time and send their best wishes to all at Lodge Camelon No 1456.

I had a lovely catch up with PM Brother Tony Gault and Brother Bert Alexander, both are doing fine and send seasons greetings to everyone. Bert has recently moved to 7/3 Glenfuir Court.

Bro Jim Malone is still waiting on a phone consultation with consultant!!!.

Just received a lovely message from Brother Eric McKimmon, he and his dear wife Kathleen are not too bad, although Kathleen had a fall, however she hasn't broken anything, Eric is on antibiotics for a urine infection, Brethren I will pass on our best wishes to both of them and hopefully they will be feeling better soon.

As far as I am aware everyone else is doing ok.

Brethren if you or anyone require any assistance please let myself, RWM Iain or Brother Secretary Graeme know so we can assist in any way we can.

As this will be (hopefully) my last update for 2020, which I'm sure we are all glad to see the back of. Catherine and myself send Seasons Greetings to you and all your families.

May the GAOTU keep you all safe and best wishes for hopefully a better 2021.

6th December 2020

Brethren, P.M. Bro Brian Oconnor has just phoned me, Ashlee and her parents left for America yesterday morning. Ashlee will have a Bone Marrow Test this week if all is ok she will then receive one injection per week for the next three weeks. Hopefully all will proceed accordingly and they should be back home on 1st January 2022. Brethren as I have said before Ashlee is One In A Million and an Inspiration to us all xx please keep Ashlee and her family in your thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time. Merry Christmas Princess  God Bless xx

5th November 2020

Almoner Update on Bro. Fergie Smith.

RWM and Brethren as most of you know our dear Brother Fergie has not been well since about February of this year, he has given me permission to put this report on our Lodge page on his current situation.

After various visits to his GP he was referred to Forth Valley Hospital for various scans and tests, including a Covid- 19 test which came back clear. On 27th October he had a CT Scan carried out which showed damage to his left lung which his Consultant said was called Ground Glass Opacity, she was caused by a viral infection from his earlier problem in February. She arranged for a further scan and Bronchopocpy Camera test to be carried out earlier this week. The results show that Brother Fergie has cancer on his left lung which is inoperable. They have taken Biopsies etc. and depending on the results of these, they will advise on what treatment i.e. Radiotherapy or something similar.

Brethren as I said earlier Brother Fergie asked me to report this all of you and will of course update us when he gets his results and what treatment will be appropriate.

Brethren like myself you will all be very upset to hear this very concerning news and our thoughts and prayers are with our dear Brother at this very difficult time.

Brethren I will keep you updated accordingly, unfortunately as you are aware I cannot visit Fergie at home due to current circumstances but I will keep in touch with him on regular basis, I have passed on our best wishes to Fergie and assured him we are all praying for him and his family at this very difficult time.

Jimmy Mackie P.M. Almoner.

1st October 2020

Brethren some glad tidings,
Brother David Myles and his dear wife Sarah are 60years Married today, I have just spoken to bro Myles and expressed Heartiest Congratulations to the Happy Couple on behalf of us all at the Lodge. I will also send a card.
Also Happy Birthday to PM Bro Brian Oconnor who celebrates his birthday today as well.
Bro Jimmy Mackie PM Almoner.

1st September 2020

Good afternoon Brethren As I have had very few calls recently it would appear that you are all doing well  however here is a wee update.

Bro Jimmy Malone is not too bad, however he is phoning his consultant at Forth Valley Hospital on Wednesday to see what is happening about having his Appendix removed as he is still having pains with it.

Bro David Myles phoned me last week to let me know that he and his wee darling wife Sadie are not too bad and still taking the pills!!!.

Bro Bert Alexander is fed up with being unable to get out as his mobility is not very good, however his carers are looking after him very well. His grandson and daughter attend to his shopping etc.

Bro David Cowan was away golfing when I phoned, however Christine informed me that since we last spoke he has been fitted with a Hearing Aid and now Hears!!! What Christine is saying to him.

Bro. Gordon Graham and his dear wife are doing fine and the have good support from their family.

I messagedBro David Cunningham to see how he was doing, I'm glad to report he messaged me back to say he and his family were all doing well.

Bro. Robert Blair one of our older member's who hasn't been in the Lodge for a few years, is not very well, he is in Falkirk Community Hospital where he is receiving Palliative Care. Our thoughts and prayers are with are with his family at this very difficult time xx.

Brethren please keep myself, our RWM or Bro Secretary know if you hear of any Brother or family need our assistance.

Please all stay safe.

Jimmy Mackie P.M. Almoner.

15th July 2020

Almoner Update,

RWM and Brethren my apologies it's been a while since my last Almoner Update. Bro Fergie Smith is having problems with his breathing, he has had various checks etc. carried out at Forth Valley Hospital all have come back clear. Fergie is now waiting for an appointment to go to the Chest Clinic. Brethren I know we all wish our Brother all the very best. I will keep you updated. Bro Jimmy Malone likewise is still waiting for a final outcome re his appendix problem. His next appointment with his Consultant is September!!! Jim said if there are any problems he will start "Rattling Cages!!!. Bro David Cowan continues to make good progress, however he is having ongoing problem with hearing and has been referred to .ENT at Forth Valley Hospital, again I will keep you posted. I have had a wee catch up with P.M. Bro Brian O’Connor, Ashlee is doing very well. She has a scan in August and if that comes back clear she will travel back to America for her next treatment. I have spoken to Bro’s. Bert Alexander and David Myles, they are both doing fine.

All the brethren thanked the Lodge for keeping them in mind and all send their best wishes to everyone.

Please Brethren if you hear of any brethren or their families require any assistance at this very difficult time, let myself, RWM or Bro Secretary know.

Please stay safe. SO MOTE IT BE

Bro Jimmy Mackie PM Almoner.

15th July 2020 – Secretaries Comment

Thanks Jim, in addition Past Master Mackie and his good lady Cath have also had health problems and I am sure I speak for all when I wish Jim and Cath best wishes for better health.

Graeme Russell PM Secretary.

7th June 2020

Brethren before I proceed with my update, as far as I am aware no one from our Lodge has had any problems with Coronavirus!!!.

I spoke to Bro Jim Malone yesterday, he had another MRI scan and blood test done on Monday, result in 10 days, he is having good days and some not so good and just wishes his consultant would remove his appendix.

Bert Alexander is not to bad, more or less house bound, hasn't been out since last October!!! David Cowan is coming along fine, although he had had an ongoing problem with his hearing, he is looking forward to getting in a few holes of golf soon. Davey and Sadie Myles are doing not to bad just taking one day at a time. Gordon Graham was delighted to hear from me and had a good blether about things in general.

Had a quick chat with PM Brian O'Connor in Morrison's last week, the family are all very happy to have Ashlee along with her mum and dad back home from her recent round of treatment in America, Ashlee you are an inspiration to us all xx.

This afternoon I had a long chat with Bro Robert Blair, Brethren he is not very well at all he has been in and out of hospital, but things are a bit concerning, he has been in touch with Strathcarron Hospice to arrange Palliative Care etc. when it is required, Robert gave me his permission to give you this information on his present situation. He certainly has a very positive attitude, I'm sure our thoughts and prayers are with Robert and his family at this very trying time.

In conclusion brethren if you hear of any of our Members or dependents who may require our assistance please contact myself, Graeme or our RWM.

Please Brethren Stay Safe

Jimmy Mackie PM Almoner.

2nd May 2020

Sad news bro Bill Sneddon passed to G.L. Above last night, Bill hasn't been well for some time. He was a regular attender of the Lodge, he will be sadly missed by all who knew him not only in lodge Camelon but in in general. Our thoughts and prayers are with his dear wife Margaret and family at this very sad time SO MOTE IT BE.

Bro Jim Malone is having an MRI Scan and Blood Test done next Tuesday, his consultant will decide what to do when results come back

Hope all goes well for him.

Jimmy Mackie PM Almoner.

15th April 2020

RWM and Brethren I spoke to Jim Malone yesterday, he has now finished taking antibiotics. Waiting on word from hospital to go for a blood test, the results from this will determine his consultant's next course of action, Jim passes on his best wishes to all.

Today I have had chats with Minnie Robertson, Jean Forrester and P.M. Bro David Turner. The girls are both doing well and thanked the Brethren for remembering them.

David is making good progress after major surgery, I have said I will visit him after the current situation improves. They all asked me to pass on their best wishes to all at the Lodge.

Jimmy Mackie P.M. Almoner.

7th April 2o20

RWM and Brethren I have this evening spoken with bro David Frickleton and passed on the sincere condolences from our RWM, PM,s, Office Bearers and Brethren of the Lodge on the very sad passing of his beloved wife Margaret earlier today and intimated that our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this very sad and difficult time. I have told David if there is anything the Lodge can do for him to please let us know. David asked me to express his appreciation and thanks to all the Brethren on thinking of him and his family at this time of great sadness. I have sent a card to David on behalf of all of the Lodge Brethren.

Jim Malone, I spoke to him earlier this evening, he is still in some discomfort and is still taking antibiotics and will contact his own doctor and enquire what happens when they are finished, Jim also thanks us for keeping in touch.

PM Bro Brian O'Connor updated me on Ashlee, she receives a third injection on Thursday followed by a fourth injection later in April/May hopefully she and her parents are due home around 16th May. Then they will return to America in August to continue her treatment. Brian thinks they whole course of treatment will take about a year to complete. I have asked Brian to pass on our best wishes to Ashlee and tell her how very proud of her.

Jimmy Mackie P.M. Almoner.

4th April 2020

Morning RWM and Brethren, pleased to report Bro Jim Malone got home from hospital yesterday. I have just had a chat with him, he is on medication to help clear up infection caused by his perforated appendix. He is obviously still in some discomfort and sounds tired. He thanks the brethren for his card and all the messages of encouragement he has received. I have of course passed on our best wishes to him.

Brethren I will keep you posted on Jim's progress.

Jimmy Mackie P.M. Almoner.

31st March 2020

Brethren just received a call from Jim Malone to say he is very sore and that he has a perforated appendix. They are giving him pain relief and want to carry out more tests. Jim thanks everyone for the messages he has received and hopefully he will be home soon.

Jimmy Mackie P.M. Almoner.

31st March 2020

RWM, Brethren all I had an email earlier from Bro Harry Foster to say Bro Jim Malone is in Forth Valley Hospital with a burst appendix.

I have just spoken to Jim's dear wife Cathy she said Jim had been for a scan yesterday and was informed that a report on scan would be sent to his Doctor. Obviously his condition deteriorated and he was taken back to hospital and they say Jim has a Burst Appendix. Cathy has been asked to keep in touch with them to see what treatment will be carried out. Cathy thanks us all for our messages etc. and has asked me to phone her daily to keep us updated. As their are no visitors allowed due to the current situation with the Coronavirus.

Brethren I'm sure we will all keep Jim and Cathy in our thoughts and prayers are with at this very difficult time.

Jimmy Mackie P.M. Almoner.

27th March 2020

RWM and Brethren, I thought I should update you on Brethren who have been unwell lately.

Bro David Cowan continues to make good progress.

Bro Bert Alexander was sad to hear about PM Bro Harry Wright's passing, otherwise he is not to bad.

Bro David Myles and his dear wife Sadie are both just getting on with things as best they can.

Bro Gordon Graham was delighted to hear that we are all thinking about him

Spoke to PM Bro Brian O'Connor re Ashlee he is pleased to report along with her Mum and Dad she is now in America, her treatment started yesterday (Thursday) Brian thinks they will be there for some weeks.

Last but not least I spoke to Cathy Malone this morning, poor Bro Jim has an infection and is starting a course of antibiotics today. He is quite poorly and does not want to speak to anyone (including me) at present. Cathy has requested that I should call her in a few days for an update on him. Brethren I will of course keep you posted accordingly. I'm sure we will all respect Cathy's wishes and have passed on the best wishes from us all to both of them.

Brethren can I just remind you please let me know of any brother who is indisposed so we can get in touch with them.

Brethren please stay safe.

Bro Jimmy Mackie PM Almoner.