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7th August 2020

Good morning Brethren. I hope I find you all well. As you may know yesterday myself, along with the Brother Secretary and Brother Ferg Smith visited Tamfourhill Community Hub and presented them with a cheque for £400 from the Lodge and the Grand Lodge COVID-19 Challenge Appeal which was very much appreciated by Chairperson Laraine Sutherland of the community committee. The work that Laraine and her group of volunteers put into helping people in Tamfourhill Community is unbelievable. She’s there every day and there is always something going on for the good of the community. It really is a good feeling to know that Lodge Camelon have assisted in their good work.

Also Brethren I have been busy phoning round some of our Brethren, Steven Conlin is doing well, Gordon Graham seems in good spirits and David Cowan is well, apart from is having some problems with his hearing. Next week it is my intention to run down and visit PM Mackie. If I have missed anyone, and I will have, give me a dig and I’ll get back in touch.

That’s it Brethren, I am off to Darlington for a wee boozy weekend, visiting family, please stay safe and I’ll see you all soon. I hope.
Iain Clark RWM

30th July 2020

Good Afternoon Brethren

Just a wee note to make sure everyone is safe and well. Last week I phoned around most of the Office Bearers and everyone seems well.

Bro. Mackie attended Bro. Morris Grahams funeral on Wednesday, I couldn’t manage as I was at hospital getting an x-ray on my knee, nothing serious, but I can’t even play walking football now, most people said I couldn’t play any football anyway, but apart from that I am fine .

The Brother. Secretary is keeping us all informed of any information passed from Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge so I think we all know what’s happening.

The Brother Secretary tells me the money has come through from the Grand Lodge “COVID-19 Challenge Appeal” and he is arranging to get a cheque from the Treasurer and I will then arrange to present it along with him and Brother Ferg Smith. I will post a picture as soon as.

On that note Brethren please feel free to get in touch with me and if I can help I will of course.

Also Brethren if you hear of any Brother struggling at these trying times and we can help please inform myself, the Secretary and/or the Almoner and we will try and help in any we can.

That’s it stay safe and well hope to see you all soon.

RWM Iain Clark.

1st June 2020

Good Afternoon Brethren.

I hope this finds each and every Brother safe and their families and well.

There’s not really a lot to report. I’ve spoken to the Almoner Jim Mackie and he said he’s not had a word of anyone in need. but Brethren if you do know of a Brother who needs any kind of help or assistance let’s make sure we support them. The only thing I’ve heard is Brother Mackies wife Catherine has a problem with her leg, from all at Lodge Camelon, get well soon Catherine.

The Brother Secretary is putting all messages from Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge on FB and the website so we all should know what’s happening, thanks again Graeme.

That’s it Brethren, I am away for a run on my bike, then over to bowling green for a game with Don Wright, enjoy the great weather guys, stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.

RWM Iain Clark.

7th May 2020

Good afternoon Brethren. I hope I find you all well as we move into what should be our holiday season.

Having spoken to the Almoner PM Mackie there is not a lot to report in as much as Bro Malone is waiting on test results from hospital and as regards the funeral of Brother Sneddon it’s family only.

The Brother Secretary has posted all reports from Grand Lodge that he’s received so I think we’re up to date on all that is relevant at this time. I’m sure if anything comes up he’ll inform all.

So with that, Brethren of Camelon, I’ll leave you in peace for a few weeks and I hope you all stay safe and keep well.


RWM Iain Clark.


24th April 2020

Good evening Brethren, I really hope I find you all in good health and that you are all safe and well. Last night would have been the last meeting of the season and at this time I would like to thank all the Brethren who supported me in my first spell as Right Worshipful Master, which incidentally I loved every minute. It would also have been the Annual Visitation of Provincial Grand Lodge. The Brother Secretary has advised me that he and the Treasurer have been in touch with the Provincial Secretary and Provincial Treasurer and that books of the Lodge have been inspected by Provincial and they have confirmed all is in order.

Also last night there should have been several presentations for long service. Brothers John Merrilees, Ian Torrance and John Waddell should all have received 50 year diplomas. I would congratulate those Brethren on this achievement and will ensure that the diplomas are presented as soon as possible on our return.

I am looking forward to when we get back to hopefully normality so we can enjoy a second spell as Right Worshipful Master.

On a positive note Brethren I spoke to the Brother Almoner PM Mackie and he happily informed me that his phone has been quite hopefully meaning everyone is as well as can be expected in these trying times.

Also Brethren, I’ve had a bit of feedback on the Lodge history book and it seems to be a hit which is good stuff and my and the Lodges thanks must go to PM Russell for his efforts. Those that haven’t read it yet should get a copy.

Not much more to say Brethren. I hope we are all well and keep safe. Remember all safety rules and I hope to see you all sooner than later.

Keep safe.

RWM Iain Clark.

8th April 2020

Evening Brethren. its been a couple of weeks since I wrote on my blog and a lot has happened since then. I hope everyone who should be is following the stay at home stuff, I unfortunately or fortunately am still at work so at least I get out of the house. It must be hard for all those that need to stay home and I sympathise with you. No doubt you have seen the Almoners blog which Jim and Graeme have been doing to keep you all informed and I would thank Jim for all his efforts as Almoner. On a slightly brighter side, Brother Malone is home, after a short spell in hospital and I hope he has a speedy recovery and my thanks to PM Donny Wright and all his helpers for managing to donate over 500 Easter Eggs. Well done Donny.

Just a wee reminder that if anyone needs anything or any assistance if they get in touch with myself, the Almoner or the Secretary we will do our best to assist.

That’s it Brethren stay safe and well .RWM Iain Clark.

23rd March 2020

Afternoon Brethren. I hope everyone is well. This is just a wee note to let everyone know that as soon as we hear any news on anything to do with Lodge we’ll let you all know. If anyone needs anything or any assistance if they get in touch with myself, the Almoner or the Secretary we will do our best to assist.

That’s it Brethren stay safe and well .RWM Iain Clark.

13th March 2020

Good morning Brethren I would just like once again to thank all who assisted me last night at the 1st Degree. It was a great honour to be asked to confer the Degree and my Degree team were excellent and I hope that all present found the Degree acceptable. In particular can I thank those Office-bearers who stepped up in office and carried out the duties for the first time and a special mention to Richard Brodie who done a piece of ritual on the floor for the very first time. Well done Richard. Once again Brethren a huge heartfelt thank you to all those who assisted in any small way to make my Degree successful

DM Robert Baird

Good morning brethren just a wee report on last nights Degree. It was a First Degree conferred by the Depute Master Brother Robert Baird. The Degree was carried out in a very dignified manner. His Degree team was a good mix of experienced and first time on the floor Brethren and it worked really well. All contributed to a very good working of First Degree. Well done all especially DM Baird. Also Brethren I was absolutely delighted to see Brother David Cowan back in Lodge after his recent illness. I personally hope that is David back to the best of health. On the whole a very good night and at this time I would like to thank every Brother who attended the DM Degree and who contributed to a great night thank you.

6th March 2020

Good morning Brethren. Just a few words of thanks to all the Brethren who accompanied me into Lodge Dolphin No 911 last night. You made a little man feel ten feet tall, 24 brethren from our Mother Lodge was fantastic and I reckon at least another 15 brethren from Sister Lodges, including RWM James Forsyth from Slamannan 484, who accompanied us in the deputation. I would like to thank them all. The Degree team produced, I think, a brilliant Degree and talking after the meeting to the Brethren in columns they seemed to be suitably impressed. I think the RWM of Lodge Dolphin was also impressed with the work of the Lodge. Anyway Brethren, thank you all once again. RWM Iain Clark.

28th February 2020

Good morning Brethren, once again I would like to thank and congratulate all Brethren who assisted me last night. Considering things were a wee bit confused by the unfortunate position that the Candidate got held up in London and didn’t make it, I personally thought everyone did really well. At this time could I thank Bro Robert Lapsley for stepping into the Candidates role at the last minute. Also could I thank Bro Richard Brodie for filling in as Senior Deacon this was Richard’s first time on the floor and it won’t be his last, thank you Richard and well done. Also congratulations to PM Jim Mackie on being nominated for PGL Office, Camelon will be well represented by Bro Mackie of that there is no doubt.. Thanks to all who once again took part in Degree team and to all the Brethren in attendance. PS It was great to see PM Tony Gault on the floor doing a great job after his recent bout of bad health welcome back Tony.  RWM Bro Iain Clark

25thFebruary 2020

Just a reminder brethren I would be grateful for a good turnout at Carron on Wednesday in our quest for the gavel thank you.

21st February 2020

Brethren it is my intention to hold a fund raising day for our Lodge on Saturday 4th  July  at Bainsford Bowling Club.

The day would begin at 12 o’clock with a bowling tournament based on the Ryder cup golf tournament which would mean all players playing at all time.

We would need 24 players 2 teams of 12 . Now brethren this is not for only bowlers, wives, girlfriends, sons, daughters, anyone who wants to play can play.

After bowls it’s my intention from sevenish to run a prize bingo plus raffles and any other fund raiser we need. After the bingo hopefully PM Clubb will run some karaoke and I’ll see if I can organise a disco. But it’s all down to Lodge support. This is open to all. Children are welcome as well So Brethren if I can get a good feedback I’ll push on and organise it.

17th February 2029

It is my intention to visit Lodge Callendar No 588 this evening and Lodge Slamannan No 484 on Wednesday and I invite all qualified members to join him.

14th February 2020

Good morning Brethren. Once again I would like to thank all who attended last nights Second Degree. It proved to be a successful evening with Lodge St John Slamannan No 484 carrying out an excellent working of the Second, Square or Fellowcraft degree on one candidate. RWM Jim Forsyth must be an extremely happy man as his degree team did him proud. Also the RWM must have been over the moon to lead a huge deputation of Brethren from 484 and various sister Lodges. Also on the evening I had the honour of conferring Honorary Membership on P.M. Alex Montgomery of Lodge 484. Congratulations Monty. Also hopefully on a happy positive note P.M. Brian O’Connor received cheques from Lodges 16 and 484 towards Ashlee's appeal, brilliant stuff. It was a busy night Brethren and a nice full hall made it even better. Again a heartfelt thanks to all who attended.

RWM Iain Clark

7th February 2020

Morning Brethren just a few thank you's to make. Last night accompanied by 17 Brethren we visited Lodge St. James Doune No 171. Brethren I have to say I was an extremely proud and happy to head such a deputation into Lodge St James. It was humbling experience but an extremely happy moment for me. On the evening we were accompanied by PM Alex Muir from Lodge Polmont also Brethren from Lodge Callendar and Lodge Zetland. it was a great night and a great Degree by outgoing RWM Brother Tommy Johnstone and his team who made us most welcome. Once again to the Brethren who accompanied me a heartfelt thank you

1st February 2020

I’ve got a mini bus - 14 seater going to Doune 171 on Thursday 6th Feb. First 14 names to me will be on the bus. Bus will leave the Lodge at 18.30 and return to Lodge after meeting. There are only a few spaces left. If anyone wants to take car great.

24th January 2020

Good morning Brethren, once again Brethren I would like to thank every Brother who came along to Lodge Camelon's Past Masters Degree last night which  turned out to be, in my humble opinion, a fantastic working of the First our Entered Apprentice Degree. Past Master Jim Mackie must be a very happy and proud man this morning as his team did him proud. It was great that the RWPGM and several of the Provincial Office-bearers came along as their schedule is extremely busy at this time of year. For that I thank them.

Brethren I could go on about last night for hours am still buzzing.

Yours RWM Iain Clark.

P.S. Our next meeting will be a Second Degree worked by our friends from Lodge Slamannan No 484 on February 13 so Office-bearers black and white thank you.

10th January 2020

Good morning brethren once again can I once more thank all the brethren who assisted me in last nights first degree I think it went rather well . Also at this time could I encourage as many brethren of Lodge Camelon to come along to our next meeting on 23rd January which is the past master degree headed on this occasion by PM Jim Mackie a good turn out would be great . Thanks once again RWM Iain Clark.

31st December 20169

Good morning brethren I would once again thank all the brethren who assisted at last nights Mark Degree. Lodge St Andrew Denny and Loanhead 176 added to the night by conferring a brilliant Mark Degree for which I thank them . The numbers in hall again were excellent and I thank each and every brother for making the effort to make it a good night. A special thanks go to admin team who organised the prize draw especially Bro Robert Lapsley for his hard work for which he was handsomely rewarded (only jesting). Finally brethren I’d like to thank all the brethren who have assisted advised and encouraged me in my short time as RWM it’s much appreciated and to all a Happy and Prosperous new year and looking forward to next year. P S the musical ending to the night was great our musicians Harry and John were great ma singing helped though.

14th December 2019

Brethren, I intend to go to Lodge Zetland on Tuesday and if enough brethren support me on the night we will try and take travelling gavel off Lodge Zetland. Also I am intending going to Slamannan on Wednesday, Dolphin Thursday and maybe 588 on Monday not sure on that one and that any support would be appreciated.

13th December 2019

Good morning brethren I would just like once again to thank all who assisted me last night I think another fine degree a special mention must go to Bro. Jim McAinsh who did the tools for his boy first time on floor after 42 tears brilliant also a big thanks to P.M. Tom Scobbie Lodge St. Clair for his brilliant solo. Once again Brethren a huge heartfelt thank you

29th November 2019

I'd like to thank everyone who assisted me last night at the 2nd degree your help is always appreciated RWM.

16th November 2019

Had a great night at the joint fund raiser with 588 for Strathcarron. Thanks to all who attended £1950 raised. FANTASTIC.


9th November 2019

Just received the group picture of the Lodge PM's and OB's. What a bunch.

Office beraers of Lodge Camelon 1456

5th November 2019

Brethren, this evening I visited Lodge Callendar No 588 and witnessed a 2nd Degree. I also on this occasion was presented with the PGL Travelling Gavel. Thanks to all who attended.

28th October 2019

Brethren of Lodge Camelon 1456 could I take this opportunity to thank each and every Brother who has helped and supported me encouraged and even at times criticised me (positively I must add) for attending the installation, dinner and the 3rd degree your support at these three events meant the world to me and I hope I can help move our great lodge onto better times just as all the previous masters have done . My heartfelt thanks to every member of Lodge Camelon 1456. I’m putting this on at this time as I’ve just about recovered from the excitement of the three events Yours RWM Iain Clark.