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Easter Egg Appeal 2020


Just to give you an update regarding the above, I ordered 500 Easter eggs as a bulk buy to start however before the order came through charities started to close up, when we received our bulk it was a mad dash to distribute as quickly as possible, myself with my wife with great assistance from a family friend James, as my wife and James found out very quickly was that charities who usually received donations were already closed, so with a few phone calls and the assistance of Brethren we managed to donate 515 Easter eggs and £50.00p.

As we found out during this time it came to light that supermarkets were donating eggs to charities to clear there shelves, The current situation regarding donations was cut short and I was not able to collect all donations, I am sure that will be rectified when we return to normal, I propose to donate this money to Tayavalla House in Camelon who give Respite Care to Kids with Special Needs to Give their parents a break, who have been receiving donations from the lodges for the last 16 years.

I hope this will meet with the Brethren's approval of the combined Lodges and I hope everybody stays safe during this time.

 Regards PM Donny Wright