Square and Compasses Scottish Saltire Lodge Camelon 1456 Scottish Saltire Square and Compasses

Secretaries Comment


I trust you are all well and keeping safe.
As most will now be aware Grand lodge have intimated that unless there is a dramatic change in circumstances there will be no meetings, including general committee meetings, until at least January 2021.
The RWM, myself and the Brother Treasurer are continuing to deal with any Lodge business as it arrives and I am hopefully keeping you all up to date with things that are going on. If you want any clarification please get in touch.
There have been a number of enquiries about our Mark Tokens and there have been a number of sales, so much so that we have now sold out of the enameled tokens. I would also remind you that the Lodge History is still on sale and I can post a copy out to any interested Brother for a total of £18 including p&p.. £2 will go to charity. Something to read in a quite moment. http://lodgecamelon1456.co.uk/For%20Sale/Lodge%20History.html.
One thing to note recently from Grand Lodge is that Grand Committee has agreed to extend the exemption from Law 126 for a further year until February 2022. For those without a constitution, this is about bringing you back into good standing and having only to pay current years dues rather than 3 years. I would therefore urge all lapsed members to take advantage of this or all to talk to Brethren you know who may have lapsed and are desirous of returning to the fold as and when. They can contact myself or the Brother Treasurer to get further details.
I would like to thank the RWM, the Brother Almoner and the Brother Treasurer for all they are doing during the current situation to keep in touch and to keep us all informed and for their assistance.
If any Brother has anything they want to raise or are concerned about anything relating to the Lodge then please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or PM me and I can discuss with the other Trustees, the Treasurer, PGL or GL as necessary and if anyone knows anyone who needs assistance please let myself, the RWM or the Brother Almoner know and we can see what we can do.
Enough for now. Please keep safe and I hope to see you all as soon as we can get back to some normality.

H Graeme Russell PM