Square and Compasses Scottish Saltire Lodge Camelon 1456 Scottish Saltire Square and Compasses

Meeting Details 2017 - 2018


Date and Details



Tuesday 3rd April 2018 Invitation to attend a Mark Degree at Lodge Hopetoun St John No 1232 7:30pm

Thursday 12th April 2018

3rd Degree 7:30pm
Thursday 26th April 2018 Mark Degree 7:30pm
Monday 14th May 2018 General Committee 7:30pm
Thursday 23rd August 2018 General Committee 7:30pm
Thursday 13th September 2018 1st Degree 7:30pm
Thursday 27th September 2018 2nd Degree 7:30pm

Thursday 11th October 2018       

Annual Installation of Office Bearers 7:15pm

Wednesday 24th October 2018.

1456 working 2nd Degree at Lodge Carron No 139 7:30pm

Dates and Times of Committees will be confirmed prior to the date.