Square and Compasses Scottish Saltire Lodge Camelon 1456 Scottish Saltire Square and Compasses

Toast List

The King and Craft R.W.M.
Grand Lodge Bro. Geo. Christie, P.M., 588
Reply Bro. Dr. Douglas L. G. Radford, H.D.D., L.D.S.E., R.W.Depute Grand Master.
Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire Bro. John A. Bell
Reply Bro. Thomas Pitcairn, R.W.P.G.M.
Prosperity of Lodge Camelon and its Right Worshipful Master Bro. Col. A. R. Bain, M. C., D.L., I.P.R.W.P.G.M.
Reply R.W.M.
Installing Masters Bro. Wm MacRae D.M.
Reply Bro. John Campbell, Prov. Grand Secy.
Wardens and other Office-Bearers Bro. Wm. McK. Glegg, P.M. 139
Reply Bro. Wm. Marshall, S.W.
Sister Lodges and Visiting Brethren R.W.M.
Reply Representatives from Lodges Nos. 16 and 1419.
Provisional Committee Bro. William Bryce. J.W.
Reply Bro. Ronald Gilchrist, Treas.
The Stewards and the Artistes Bro. David Kennedy, S.M.
Reply Bro. Duncan Stewart


Bro. Duncan Stewart. Bro. Wm. Mundie.

Bro. James B. Yuill


Accompanist  Bro. Wm. Deans.