Square and Compasses Scottish Saltire Lodge Camelon 1456 Scottish Saltire Square and Compasses

A Welcome to Lodge Camelon No 1456


“To Brother Peter McMain, the first Right Worshipful Master.

his Office-Bearers and all Foundation Brethren of the Lodge”


Let us express our gratitude

To the Great Most High above.

For Camelon Lodge is founded well

In Fidelity and Love.


Nor need Men here in Darkness dwell,

Who possess true inner Light,

Their Mother shall be Glorious,

And her Emblems ever bright.


The Candidates of Good Report,

Humbly entering her Door,

Shall surely travel on through life

In search of further Love.


Good Fellowship in the Quarries

Must become their constant Care

A Symbol of Trustworthiness

Is to Act upon the Square.


Oh may they Build their Characters

To resemble Polished Stone

Most Structures of Masonic Art

Are on merit Raised alone.


On the Keystone of the Temple

May they shape their Mark with Zeal;

A study of the Tracing-Board

Should all Points and Parts reveal.


May Science to in them abide,

Who would make themselves complete

Only Erect and Upright Men

Can reach King Solomon's Seat.


God bless the Square and Compasses,

And the Tools we Work with here

Soon Masons made in Camelon Lodge

Our vast Order will revere.



32 Carmuirs Avenue,


6th July, 1950.