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Honorary PG Rank for Bro James Malone


At our Regular Meeting on Thursday 10th November 2016 the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro Alistair T Marshall accompanied by a number of Brethren from PGL attended the Lodge.

The purpose of their attendance was not made clear until after the Degree ceremonial when Bro James Malone, Almoner, was asked to present himself in the West.

The RWPGM then proceeded to confer on Bro Malone the Honorary Provincial Grand Rank of Director of Ceremonies.

Brother Malone's first reaction when asked if he was willing to accept it was, "can I have time to think about it". Joker to the last.

He did however accept the honour and thanked the RWPGM not only for the honour to himself, but also the honour to the Lodge.

Congratulations to Bro Malone on this achievement and the Lodges grateful thanks for all he does for the Lodge, not only as Almoner, but for setting up the Lodge for meetings, etc.


Bro Malone flanked by Bro Alistair T Marshall RWPGM and Bro Tony Gault RWM

Bro Malone with Bro Tony Gault RWM

Bro Malone 

Bro Malone's Diploma

Pictured above is the RWM Bro Tony Gault and the 5 Brethren of the Lodge who currently hold either Honorary Grand Rank or Honorary Provincial Grand Rank. From left to right, PM Bro Brian O'Connor, HPG Architect; PM Bro James Mackie, HG Jeweller; Bro James Malone, HPG Director of Ceremonies; RWM Bro Tony Gault; PM Bro Graeme Russell, HG Assistant Secretary; Bro David Robinson, HPG Inner Guard