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RWM Iain Clark

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)


I have received an e-mail from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire which basically instructs us to cancel all meetings.

After discussing this with the RWM, with immediate effect all Regular Meetings/ Committee Meetings/Enquiry Meetings of the Lodge are cancelled.

This will also include the end of season dance and those who maybe have paid for tickets contact me via email and we shall discuss a refund with the organisers.

Any comments please direct them back to myself or the RWM via e-mail.

I will advise when the situation changes.

Update 11th August 2020

You should be aware that all activities of the Lodge are still temporarily suspended until at least January 2021 or until further notice from the Grand Lodge of Scotland due to the prevalence of the Coronavirus (Covid19) throughout the world at this time.

Please keep well and stay safe.


Your F&F

H Graeme Russell PM


Secretary Email

RWM Email


Take Time Brother
I see you at the meetings, but you never say hello.
You’re busy all the time, with men you already know.
I sit amongst the fellows, still I’m a lonely guy.
The new ones sit there with me, while you quickly pass me by.
But gosh you guys have asked us in, and you talk of fellowship.
You could just step across the room, but you never make the trip.
Why can’t you nod and say hello, or stop and take my hand.
Then go and join your other friends, now that I understand.
I’ll be at your next meeting, on that you can depend.
So won’t you introduce yourself, I want to be your friend.

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